What To Do And Not To Do When Driving A Car With Automatic Transmission

Novice drivers should take note that an automatic Mercedes Benz transmission is different from its manual version. These two function differently, which means there are certain rules that apply to using an automatic transmission that do not apply to manual transmission and vice versa. It can be confusing at first, but here are some basic dos and don’ts when driving a Mercedes with an automatic transmission:

DO Wait Until A Complete Stop Before Shifting

Drivers often make the mistake of shifting from drive to park before the car has come to a complete stop. While it might seem okay to do this at first, the transmission will actually begin to weaken until it can no longer function properly. Aside from the transmission, however, the locking pin, which keeps the vehicle from moving when parked, can also be damaged in the process.

DON’T Ignore The Strange Noises

When an automatic Mercedes Benz transmission is reaching its last legs, it will most likely produce strange noises. Most inexperienced drivers will ignore the noises, especially when there are no other signs of transmission wearing and tearing. DO NOT do this.

Odd noises are usually the first signs of transmission problems. If the problems are fixed sooner, the cost of repairs will not be too expensive, but when the noise is ignored, this usually results in a more costly automatic transmission replacement.

DO Put The Vehicle In Neutral When Stationary

When waiting at a stop light, change gears from Drive to Neutral to take some pressure away from the transmission while stationary. Make a smooth transition to Drive once the light goes green. It might seem like an unnecessary step to take when driving when you can easily step on the brakes while waiting, but taking the pressure off will prevent early deterioration from damaging the automatic transmission.

DON’T Forget To Check On The Transmission Fluid

Checking on the transmission fluid level once every three months is more than enough to ensure the fluid is at the optimum level at all times. When the fluid is allowed to drain completely, the transmission will produce an alarming burning smell because it has overheated. Allowing the fluid to drain will cause a lot of damage to the vehicle and may also put you at risk when driving on the road.

DO Avoid Coasting In Neutral

Many drivers believe that coasting while on neutral helps conserve fuel. Although it is true to some extent, this practice should be avoided as much as possible because doing this limits your control over the car. Both automatic and manual vehicles should never coast while they are on neutral because it can lead to fatal road accidents.

DON’T Launch

Launching a vehicle means accelerating the car while it is still, just like what they do in drag racing. This is done by revving the engine while it is in Neutral and then quickly dropping the gear to Drive which causes the vehicle to speed forward. It might look cool at first, but doing this to the automatic transmission wears out the bands quickly.
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