10 Most Popular Ford Models You Probably Want To Know About

If you are typing ford Mooresville on your computer or mobile device then you must be a fan of ford. Ford is a famous American car manufacturer with its headquarters is in Dearborn, Michigan. The firm has been operating since 1903 and the town of Mooresville have the best deals. Today, let’s look at popular ford models your probably want to know a little more about.

  1.  Ford GT40

Ford GT40 is an endurance British-American vehicle with high performance. Several American engines power it. The model won the 24 hours of Le Mans award between 1966 and 1969. Usually, it is designed in the UK and built in America.

  1.  Ford Taurus

The Ford Motor firm initially introduced Ford Taurus model in 1986. Currently, it produces sixth-generation Taurus vehicles. It constitutes a mercury twin sable and performance variants.

  1.  Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger is rough terrain pickup train. The Ford firm manufactured it mainly for the Argentinian, Brazilian and Chilean markets from 1983 to 2012. Initially, the firm introduced it to replace the Ford Courier model.

  1.  Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta cars have been in production since 1976. Today, the model is in the seventh generation. It has been manufactured in different countries including Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Thailand, South Africa and Venezuela. Sixth generation Ford Fiestas were the first to be sold in North America after Fiesta Mark I.

  1.  Ford Pinto

Ford Pinto cars were first produced from 1971 to 1980. First generation vehicles were hatchbacks, wagons and dual-door sedans. During its ten years production period, the model sold over 3 million units.

  1.  Ford Focus

The Ford firm has been producing Ford Focus cars since 1998. The company started selling the model in Europe in 1998 and later in North America in 1999. The Focus model has replaced some Ford Laser, and Ford Escort make in Asia and Australia.

  1.  Ford Explorer

Ford has manufactured Ford Explorer sports utility brand since 1990. It’s among the most popular sport utility automobiles. Old makes had typical body-on frames while the 2011 make has a full crossover car platform, a Volvo-derived design, and a new single-body.

  1.  Ford Torino

Ford Torino was produced from 1968 to 1976. Initially, it was an upgrade of Ford Fairlane. It was a subseries of the Fairlane. However, in 1970, it became an independent model.

  1.  Ford Flex

The Ford Motor firm has been producing Ford Flex model since 2009. Its drivetrains resemble those of Ford Freestyle and Ford Taurus X. The Oakville Assembly plant manufactures it alongside Ford Lincoln MKX and Ford Edge.

  1.  Ford F-Series

The Ford F-Series pickup truck has been in the market since 1948. The F-150 is the model’s most prominent variant. Currently, it’s in its tenth generation. Furthermore, it has been the best-selling track in America and Canada for over twenty years.

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