5 Ways to Tackle Emergency Driving Situations

To earn a driving license, any student has to show how proficient he has become in overcoming the basic emergency situations and how urgently he can handle it, if he enters one. But even after all this, accidents do take place, and both the car makers and car drivers are always on the look-out, how such misfortunes can be avoided. Though things are changing for good as modern cars are having high end safety features installed in their cars, new trying situations keep confronting you, about which nobody could have been ready for. From all that experiences gathered by car owners and experts around the world, here we are able to collect a few life saving tips for you from the experts of the Altamonte Springs Hyundai dealer.

 1: Slowing Down is the First Answer to Road Unpredictability

The first and foremost tip to survive an accident is trying your best, not to get into one. That is basically a mental training that starts off by the acceptance of the responsibility for everything unpredictable that can happen when you’re handling the steering wheel. The first tip to stay prepared of any unpredictable situation on the road, is keeping your car speed at control.

2: Stay Alert for the Invisible Intruders

It has been measured and accounted that approximately 36 % of crashes caused to a vehicle is because of that turning, or while crossing an intersection, the driver fails to spot a pedestrian, small cars, sudden intrusion of motorcycles. So, the thumb rule to avoid such accident is following the BLT, which stands for brake, look and turn. This means specifically to look through the side windows during a turn, while for U-turns, one needs to look through the rear passenger window.

3: Panic Halts

Another situation for which you need to be prepared at all times is, sudden panic halts taken by the car in front of you. For this all you need to do is maintaining a safe distance from it. If a situation arises for braking, you have to be focused on the vehicle in front of you. This is because, if you hit a car in front of you, you would be given the ticket and might get sued. But If the car behind you hits you, he would get the ticket.

 4: Tire Blowout

The experts of the Hyundai dealer Altamonte Springs suggest that in case of a tire blowout, the best way is to push the accelerator and drive ahead. Though the most natural reaction to the sound of a shotgun-blast would be attempting to slow down quickly and get off the road, but with a rear-tire failure, any turning with a high speed would result in a spin leading to a devastating crash.

5: Running off the Road

Many single-vehicle accidents take place when drivers tend to run two wheels off the pavement and, with a panic, try to over-correct their actions. This causes the car wheels to spin off the highway and invariably flip or dart into the oncoming vehicles. Such cases can be avoided only by staying calm and driving on.