Are Your Tires Safe For Winter?

When it comes to the best tires for your vehicle in the colder months, you might think you’re good to go with an all weather option. Consider the following before saying no to an upgrade to snow tires.

– From ice to black ice to heavy snow, you already know that New Jersey winters can be tough. Putting snow tires on your vehicle will shorten the distance it takes your car or truck to come to a stop on icy roads, potentially saving you from an accident.

– Snow tires are more easily able to tread uphill in tough conditions. If you have ever struggled to get out of your uphill driveway on a snowy morning, snow tires are a great idea.

– Have you ever had a problem with slipping and sliding on ice in the winter? Snow tires have thousands of tiny slits in their tread that increase their traction on ice.

When choosing whether to upgrade to snow tires, consider how often you’re likely to be driving in the snow this winter. While snow tires can seem like a large expense, remember that you can remove them at the end of the winter season, making them last for three to four years. It can be tempting to save money by only purchasing two snow tires and installing them on the front wheels, but this increases the chances that your vehicle will skid in slippery weather. It’s important to ensure that all of your tires are the same type of tire.