Benefits of the 10-Speed Automatic Transmission

With every passing day, our world is moving a step ahead towards technological upgradation. No wonder that the automobile industry as one of the oldest one to adopt the concept of automatic work procedure, would take giant leap towards this. The cars that are being launched in the last couple of years are mostly equipped with automatic transmissions that have already reduced the dependence on the driver. We have witnessed four-speed, six-speed and eight-speed transmissions, and now big cars are coming with a 10-speed automatic transmission pushing the driving experience to the next level.

Why a 10-Speed

According to the Buick dealer serving San Marcos, when the 10-speed transmission got released, it confused a large group of people, who thought it wasn’t that necessary, when the cars are just doing fine on road with the already advanced four, six and eight speed transmissions. But the engineers who invented this had a strong line of logical thought behind creating a 10-speed. Here go the reasons that can be considered to be its benefits as well.

Practical Ratio Spread

The new 10-speed transmission brings with it a wider and more practical spread of ratios between the 1st and the 10th gear, although the overall span would be of 7.384 it has closer ratios and smaller gear steps. The practical wider ratio spread of the 10-speed transmission allows individual spacing of the gear that is fairly close. The tight ratios help the engine keeping closer to the peak power during applying a full-throttle acceleration, while delivering a smoother operational level even when towing a heavy trailer, which is so important for any pickups. This even permits longer usage time of 10th gear, especially when driving at highway speeds, and all this results in an improved fuel efficiency.

  1. Faster and smoother shifts than a DCT.

In a 10-speed transmission the shifting of gear is primarily controlled by the six clutches, and then by the integrated solenoid valves, that keeps engaging and disengaging two simultaneously to swap the cogs more smoothly and quickly. These shifts do not need any torque converter to perform the unlocking tasks, that actually decrease the efficiency.

  1. The Transmission Is Smaller in Size

This is another surprising benefit of the new 10-speed transmission. It doesn’t take any more space than 3 centimeters from that of a six-speed one and not even 2 kilograms more in its weight.

  1. The Magic of the Special Fluid

The complex system of the 10-speed transmission needs a different level of viscosity of transmission fluid to bring out the best functionality from the engine. This is a customized product named as Mercon ULV, and an initial fill is intended to be enough for the entire life-span of the vehicle.

  1. Joint Effort of Six Clutches

As explained by the San Marcos Buick dealer, the 10-speed automatic transmission is based on a system that makes six internal clutches to work for the gear changes.

  1. The Benefit of Two Hydraulic Pumps

The latest 10-speed transmission gets activated by two individual hydraulic pumps. These pumps are variable-displacement ones that are designed specifically for better performance of pick-up trucks.


The necessity or the benefits of a 10-speed automatic is best realized in vehicles that perform heavy duties like shifting heavy cargo or towing heavy trailers. So prominent automakers are imbibing this technology to stay at per with the technological progress.