Car Air Conditioning! Maintenance to Save and Last Longer!

If your OPEL car is equipped with air conditioner, the ultimate thing you want is for it to stop working on a hot day. The maintenance of the air conditioning is easily forgotten as it does not tend to affect technical aspects of the vehicle. However, neglecting this maintenance can lead to even more expensive problems in the future.

What happens if I do not use air conditioner frequently?

When used rarely, humidity can begin to accumulate in pipes and openings generating fungi, bacteria and mold. This can leave an unpleasant smell in the vehicle; give you a painful throat or headache. You can avoid and treat this yourself by using an OPEL air conditioning filter or replacing the existing one. Another form of maintenance will have to be done by a professional, for example, by changing the OPEL air filters that if blocked with pollen and dust.

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Gas recharging of air conditioning

The AC gas that the car system works with will need recharging after each two to three years because it leaks slowly in the end and will leave you with an air conditioner that does not blow cold. Using the car AC rarely also increases the speed of gas leakage, because the rubber gaskets of AC system curl up and stop forming a good seal.

Products for maintenance of air conditioning

Air conditioning cleaning products are an inexpensive and effective way to clean the system. You can buy aerosol. It is sprayed directly into the air vents, or the aerosol type that is left inside the car with the air conditioning running. There are also products that work by being placed inside the air conditioning system.

Leakage in air conditioning

If you are driving the car with the air conditioning running, you may find small puddles on the floor under the car after you have parked. This will usually be a drainage tube, where the system that allows condensation to escape is mounted.

Car glasses haze

If the windscreen is foggy or the carpet looks damp, it may mean that the condensate collection tube is blocked. If you have this problem it is an easy thing to have fixed. And it is worth doing a cleaning against bacteria, mold and fungi after this repair.