Common Car Modifications that Are Actually Illegal

Modifying your vehicle can be fun and exciting. But as transformative and eye catching a modification is, not all are legal. To ensure the safety and roadworthiness of a vehicle, the law prohibits certain vehicle modifications. The UK Traffic Acts details these illegal modifications although it may be wise to check with your local police force when planning modifications since laws can change.

You may also want to let your insurer know that you plan to modify the vehicle since these modifications can affect the premiums you have to pay. That said, the following is guideline to ensure your modifications remain legal;

  • Undercar Neon Lights

Although they may have reached their height of popularity a few years ago, there are still some people who would like to add neon lights to their cars. When doe correctly, they can illuminate the vehicle, making it stand out in a good way. The general ideal may not be illegal, although there are certain color requirements. For example, the lights you install should not show a red light on the front. Red lights should show on the back and white or yellow lights on the front. All other colors are prohibited.

  • Window Tints

Still quit popular among car enthusiast, window tints can give your car a unique appeal. But even these can break the law when certain considerations are not met. For example, tints that are too dark are considered illegal since they can cause visibility problems which can lead to accidents. There are rules about the opacity of both front and rear windows that you may want to know before modifying the windows.

  • Number Plates

You may also be considering changing your number plates. But even here, there are regulations to take into account. For example, custom plates can only be provided by a registered number plate supplier. You also want to check the government regulations regarding number plates before choosing a custom plate. That’s because there are laws governing how numbers and letters are to be arranged on the plate as well as the size and color. Failing to comply with the rules could result in fines.

If however you’re not intending to drive the car on the roads, you can choose to use show plates – these can be a real great addition for shows or events to add a ‘wow factor’

  • Stretched Tyres

One of the most popular car modifications today, stretching of tyres to fit a wider wheel rim can have a great aesthetic effect on the vehicle. Yet, it is important to note that excessive stretching can create stress points on the tyre making it more susceptible to accidents and bow-outs. Stretching tires is not illegal, although you could be unintentionally breaking the Construction and Use rules when you stretch a tyre. Cars that violate these rules are considered not roadworthy which could lead to a lot of problems with the law and even invalidate your insurance.

  • Radar Detectors

Most people will add laser and radar detectors to warn them of speed camera. Of all vehicle modifications, this one is highly illegal and not permitted under any circumstances even if you think they may be useful.