Digital Vehicle Inspection Is A Must For All Mechanics – Tekmetric’s Shop Management System Is Superb For These Reasons That You’ve Never Thought Of

Some 90 percent of American households own at least one automobile. People use cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, and other motor vehicles to get to virtually everywherethey want to go: church, school, daycare, work, play, home – quite literally everywherea person and their household members want to go.

Unfortunately, schools in the United States – and likely most countries throughout the world – don’t teach students how to diagnose problems in motor vehicles, repair them, or conduct regular vehicular maintenance as to prevent problems from unexpectedly happening and improve automobiles’ working lives.

That’s why people trust mechanics to take care of their vehicles for them. However, many Americans simply don’tand won’ttrust mechanics to do their jobs properly; most people don’t speak the language of automobile repair – how could someone evaluate the appropriateness of a paragraph’s syntax and grammar, for example, without knowing the language that passage is written in?

There areways, however, to improve your average customer’s experience while visiting an automotive repair shop.

One of the best ways of doing such is through digital vehicle inspection tools by Tekmetric

Most mechanics know all too well that many shops don’t employ sufficient computer systems to keep their operations running smoothly. Many of them are outdated, slow, and use two-tone color schemes that bore auto technicians to death.

That’s why Prasanth Chilukuri and Sunil Patel, two longtime business partners in the automotive field, created Tekmetric.

The Tekmetric Shop Management System – the comprehensive, easy-to-understand program is simply referred to as Tekmetricfor convenience’s sake – is an all-in-one digital vehicle inspection tool that serves several well-defined purposes, though they all ultimately revolve aroundcustomer satisfaction.

Why do mechanics need digital vehicle inspection programs?

To be frank, no mechanic needsa digital vehicle inspection software installed on workplace computers – no mechanic that wants to fail, that is

With the tech industry’s latest digital vehicle inspection tools, videos, pictures, and even live streamsof their vehicles can be sent to customers’ email addresses, social media pages, and mobile devices through Tekmetric and similar programs. Further, customers enjoy knowing preciselywhat’s going on inside mechanics’ shops; for this reason, easy-to-understand inspection reports can be shared with customers in real time andbe updated as their cars or trucks are worked on – sometimes, stores take a long time to finish servicing clients’ needs, especially in automotive repair shops.

An especially powerful benefit that Tekmetric – it’s trulya leading digital vehicle inspection program – is that it can be utilized to inform employees what tasks they should focus on right nowto make sure customers’ vehicles go out as quickly as possible and other employees aren’t left with an absence of tasks to take care of while one or two coworkers struggle to finish on time.

About Tekmetric

Tekmetric is an automotive software company based in Houston, Texas. The company was founded by the aforementioned pair of technologically-literate automotive industry participants Sunil Patel and Prasanth Chilukuri in 2015.

The software is now free for demonstration use for 30-minute blocks through the company’s official website – simply type in “Tekmetric” on Google to find its domain.

Patel’s and Chilukuri’s Tekmetric Shop Management System is available for all levels of use – no matter how simple, complex, or busy such environmental conditions are. The most basic services include scheduling appointments without double-booking, forming easy-to-read estimates with plentyof explanations, and track inventory reliably including sending out orders so quickly as to promote just-in-time inventory management protocol.