Dodge Uses 1_000 Horsepower Invasions Called Hellephant

Hellephant is basically a frozen and supercharged V-8 version found on Hellcat and others. Bored with a 7.0-liter defeat, Hellephant V-8 also got an aluminum block from the Charger Drag Pak, fake piston, high lift camshaft, and valvetrain Demon. However, to achieve its peak performance – which reached 1,000 horsepower and 950 lb-ft – Hellephant torque also received an increase in displacement supercharger, a unit now calculated at 3.0-liters.

Now, you might think that this crate engine will only be for drag racing fans, the types of gearheads that eat, sleep, and bathe in their local dragstrip – semi-professionals, if you want. You are completely wrong. This 1,000-horsepower wild child will be sold to Joe and Jane Public to become slots in all your dreams or nightmares. What’s even crazier is that Hellephant was designed to be an adequate plug and play tool; Dodge offers a Front Edge Accessory Drive package (including pulleys, belts, alternators, starters, and power steering pumps) which basically will go to pre-1976 Chryslers.

Dodge debuted Hellephant in the SEMA 2018 event under the hood of one of the many modified D68 Charger, but the Hellephant machine will not be available to consumers until 2019. Unfortunately, on his debut, Dodge refused to state how much Hell would set those who wanted to burn the sidewalk returns in dollars and cents. However, to guess, we have to think that Dodge would want more money than the current generation Hellcat crate, which sells for $ 20,000 dollars. And even though you might be able to make 1,000 horsepower LS V-8 at a cheaper price, you won’t find it with a warranty.

What will be our perfect building with the Hellephant you requested? Well, it will involve Dodge Durango in mid-2000, ready-to-Dakar suspension, and all the open deserts we can find.