G56 Transmission

Despite being familiar with car mechanics in general, there could be some finer details which you may lack. You could be knowledgeable about types of transmissions, but maybe not the ones suited for trucks?

For this, you need to understand how the machine itself works. You also need to know about some of its features.

Let’s use an example here … the G56 Mercedes transmission.

G56 is an excellent transmission. Compared to its predecessor, the NV5600, it is lighter. It is available in a full-size pickup truck. It is also the only manual transmission being optioned in Class-4 and Class-5 trucks.

The G56 is manufactured in Brazil. Like any other machines, G56 transmissions breaks, and is liable to wear and tear. This is common with trucks. They are made for hard work. They require a reliable engine with a lot of energy.

Features of G56 transmission

  1. It has a maximum input torque of less than 700 lb-ft
  2. Size- G56 transmission is available in pickup truck size. If you are looking for a manual transmission with an option in Class-4 and Class -5, then G56 is right for you.
  3. It utilizes a dual mass flywheel with a single disk clutch.
  4. It has a two-piece, die-cast aluminum case. The integral clutch housing provides maximum stiffness and helps minimize noise and vibration.
  5. It has a multi-rail, all-steel shift system which provides precise shift feel. The G56 six-speed manual transmission has a dual-trunnion shift tower. The shift tower provides a compact shift pattern with maximum mechanical shifting advantage.
  6. The 6.29:1 First-gear ratio provides better launch performance for an improved experience under heavily loaded and trailer tow conditions.
  7. There are also power take-off access covers on both sides of the transmission.
  8. G-56 Transmission Fluid-The first specified fluid for the G56 is fluid is ATF+4. Dodge specifies only 5 quarts of ATF+4 in the transmission, not 6 quarts. The transmission has a fluid capacity of 4.95 quarts.
  9. It has a higher power input. The ratios of the new G56 are lower compared to the 5600 one.

G-56 Transmission Gear Ratios

G-56     G-56AE

1st     6.29       5.94

2nd    3.48       3.28

3rd    2.10       1.98

4th    1.38       1.31

5th    1.00       1.00

6th    0.79       0.74

Identification-G56 Reverse is located down to the left. It is cased in an aluminum casing.

Common applications

2005 – Present Ram 2500 trucks

2005 – Present Ram 3500 trucks

2008 – Present Ram 4500 trucks

2008 – Present Ram 5500 trucks


The G56 transmission is an awesome beast. It is available in full-size trucks thus obviously meant for hard work. Luckily enough, it features a powerful engine. Being a machine, it is also prone to break down, wear, and tear.

If you decide to own one of these beasts you should find yourself a qualified mechanic.

You could also decide to study and get some expert knowledge required for mechanics. Through the training, you will be in a position to solve most of the problems with your vehicle transmission.