Genesis Vehicle Technology: All You Need to Know

Genesis branched out from Hyundai to focus mainly on luxury aspects. But that didn’t limit its territory from offering mind-blowing performances on road. Each Genesis model brings in all the comfort for its passengers as well as its driver, and that has been possible only for the advanced technologies that Genesis consistently imbibe. Be it offering a luxurious experience gained from the soft touch materials to the incredibly advanced and maneuverable machinery put at work under the hood, Genesis has it all. To be specific, it is the innovative mind that we find common in every Genesis vehicle that ushers in the latest technology to make most of the power, provide the best performance, keep the car and its occupants with utmost care and safety. Here’s how it is done.

The mechanical team that works at the Philadelphia Genesis dealer provided us with the most complimentary reviews on the innovative technologies that they find in every Genesis car and have to deal with their repair and maintenance work.

Safety Technology Followed by Genesis

The entire lineup of Genesis cars is seen to be installed with the most advanced safety technologies, to be found in the whole of automotive industry. Take the example of Genesis G90. You will find it featured with all the safety features you can think of. First these technologies try in tune with each other to prevent the car from getting involved in any collision. Then, if things don’t work out the usual way, there is a lengthy list of post-collision impact reducing technologies that help minimize the severity of an accident.

The Lane Keep Assist never allows you to drive out of your way without sending proper signals,

The Blind Spot Detection keeps you updated about whatever is happening around your car, that you can’t see even through the rear view mirrors.

With the Smart Cruise Control that comes with Stop/Start feature you can set your driving speed and maintain a specific following distance, which will automatically help you stay safe from nearing any vehicle.

All the recent Genesis models are equipped with Automatic Emergency Braking that works in tune with Pedestrian Detection system that applies the brakes on behalf of the driver, if the driver fails to respond in time, whenever there is any chance of colliding with any object, animal or pedestrian.

Technology Used for Entertainment in Genesis Cars

In addition to safety and other comforts, Genesis never forgets to offer the latest trend of entertainment in its lineup allowing the latest information technology that fetches and displays the most relevant information regarding the drive while entertaining the occupants by playing or streaming music and videos through the journeys.

At the Philadelphia Genesis dealership, we witnessed a 17-speaker high-performance audio system from Lexicon 7.1 in the G80 that plays discrete surrounding sound and a rear-seat infotainment system in which the passengers can choose their mode of entertainment while the driver can concentrate on the road with the surrounding comfort always assured in every Genesis.