New Car Paint Care: 5 Things to Do to Maintain the Shine

I know you probably chose your new car because the paint is sparkling and attractive. You may start losing interest in the car when the paint gets damaged or its original luster starts to vanish. To avoid this, you have to invest some time and effort in ensuring that your car is cleaned regularly.

Don’t rely on the claim of some manufacturers that their products produce a long-lasting result. Even with this guarantee, you will have to re-apply some products every few months to maintain the exterior appeal of your car. I always recommend that people get paint protection film for their car when they just got it new in order to help protect the paint and keep it shining. There are a few companies that offer such products. A good example of them is

However, below are some major steps to help you maintain the shine on your vehicle.

#1: Wash and Shampoo the car regularly

To maintain your vehicle’s shine and keep the paint appealing always, ensure you wash it regularly. You can use shampoo or other commercial powder washes to keep your car clean.

Don’t wash close to the pressure jet to maintain the paint. If you can’t wash your vehicle properly, you can take it to professional cleaners to help you.

#2: Use Paint conditioner

If your car is new or you just got it painted, ensure you use non-abrasive conditioners only. They help to protect the paint and keep it shining always.

However, make sure you follow the instruction listed on the package of the conditioner to get it right. You don’t require too much of it; a little spraying would do.

#3: Use the appropriate wax

Not all types of wax can work on any vehicle. Car paints react to wax and polish differently. Some waxes are harsh and can rip your car of its original shine. So, make sure you know the paint used by the manufacturer before using a wax. Get detailing products that suit the paint of your car.

#4: Use good quality clay

You can use good quality clay to get a better finish and a perfect shine on your vehicle. However, it is important that you first clean the car with paint cleaner.

Also, make sure that the right applicator pad is used. If you don’t know how to use clay on your car, watch online tutorials and easy do-it-yourself guide to complete the task easily.

#5: Fix scratches

If you don’t fix scratches on your car promptly, it can totally destroy the paint. Whenever you notice a small scratch, ensure you use only touch up paint and finish off with a rubbing compound to restore the car’s shine. If the scratch is deep, you will have to sand off the surrounding paint.