Select the Right Big Brake Kit Upgrade for Your Vehicle

People have been buying ‘Big Brake Kits’ for decades in order to improve the braking performance of their vehicles. However, if you go to the market and buy any such kits then you will notice that most of these kits only upgrade on the axles – which can be either the front axle or the rear axle. As a result of this, braking torque for the upgraded axle is increased considerably while the other axle which is not upgraded remains unaffected and their original rubber lines remains same as before.

Therefore, after such upgradation with the ‘Big Brake Kit’ the braking system becomes totally imbalanced. As a result, the vehicle travels considerable amount of distance as the front and rear tyres are not able to share the braking load in the right proportion.

Therefore, using such ‘Big Brake Kit’ (BBK) is not really improving the performance of the brake as it is expected out of them. This kind of overall performance of brake can be more dangerous and rather than improving the performance of the overall braking system it is just doing the opposite.

Therefore, looking at the above problems few companies are coming out with their BBK with some new design approach. They are making certain improvements in their kit so that it will minimize the stopping distance of the vehicle after the brake is applied. These kits are made for ranges of vehicles which are very commonly used by most of the people. You can visit the website and learn about this new kind of BBK offered by them.

When we talk about bigger braking system then we have to think that it will come with either six pistons or 8 pistons and will certainly have much larger pads in size. More the size of the pads will mean, it will contact more amount of surface areas of the rotor and therefore the stopping power of the vehicle will increase.

How to select suitable BBK for upgrades

  1. Check brake pad size and caliper width

When you try to select your BBK then you must know what is the size of your brake pads and also the width of brake caliper. You may be getting them as individual item or as a whole set. Make sure that that brake pad that you select must exactly fit in the width of the calipers.

As a thumb rule, if you want to upgrade front axle to 6 or 8 piston brake, then make sure that rear must have 4-piston set up. In the same way, if the front axle has 4-piston setup then prefer to have 2-piston set up for the rear axle. As you know most of the suppliers of this kit offers upgrades for one axle only and hence it is better to use high performance brake pads for your rear axle so that rotor can balance out the force of the braking.

  1. Make sure that rim width can easily clear the larger brakes

The next thing that you need to check is the width of the rim should be sufficient so that it can clear the large sized brakes. In order to do that you need to check the size of brake calipers and disc rotors. If your rims are just clearing the brake pads then it is better to use wheel spacers to increase the clearance.

For better performance of the brake you must use right brake fluids and prefer braided steel brake hoses and also must have good tyre sets.