The Risk of Riding in A Truck Bed

Riding in the back of a truck can be lots of fun, especially in the eyes of a child. Replacement truck seats may be enticing but it cannot compete with the thrill of riding in the truck bed. The risk of doing so, though, results in dangers bigger than that overall thrill experienced. Several states have made it a law to prohibit anyone from riding in the truck bed because of the numerous amounts of accidents and deaths occurring from it, but not all states have. Even in the states with the law intact, people are still doing it. So, why do people feel it is necessary and what makes it so dangerous?

The original plan of the truck bed was not for anyone to ride in it. Rather, the purpose was to carry various items, both big and small. Just this reason only makes it unsafe. Other reasons include:

  • It has no seatbelts. in the event there is an accident, there is nothing to protect the individual from being thrown from the truck bed. They are not tied down to anything and unlike a seat inside the truck, it offers no protection.
  • Weather conditions make the truck bed even more dangerous. If it starts to rain while someone is in the back of the truck, they can slide back and forth even more than normal. The reason for this is because of the material the truck bed is made from. It is not built for a person to grip, rather, it is made to brace for items, especially heavy loads.
  • The fumes of the truck are blasted directly into the rider’s face as they are in the back of the truck. There is nothing to block the fumes, which is like breathing in a big breath of carbon monoxide. This type of exposure can give the person very severe symptoms including vertigo, painful headaches, and even the potential for death.
  • Any accidents can cause serious injuries for anyone riding in the back of the truck. Whether the accident is from the back, side, or front, the passenger in the back could be thrown out and it not protected.

The better option is for the person to ride in the front of the truck. You may need to have replacement truck seats to upgrade your truck, both for appeal and comfort. Always ensure your passengers are safe and comfortable while they ride in the truck. Younger children should always be in the front of the truck. Unless it is an emergency, it is not worth the risk of riding in the truck bed.