Ways In Which To Lubricate Electric Motor Bearings

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Lubrication of the bearings in various electric motors must be done according to the instructions of the manufacturer. Following the instructions of the manufacturer allow you to prevent deterioration, leaks and contamination due to oxidation in all the electric motors. However, the extent of lubrication depends on the condition of the bearings. It also depends on the temperature in which the electric motor functions most of the time, the quantity of lubricant in the housing of the bearing, and the time for which the motor operates daily. You may also have to lubricate the bearings of the electric motor according to the speed and the size of the bearing, exposure to fine dust and fumes, and the vibration generated during the operation.

Tips to follow

While lubricating the electric motor bearings, you must refer to the instructions of the manufacturer and use the correct lubricant for this purpose. If the manufacturer recommends a specific quality of grease to be used for lubricating the bearings you must not deviate from it. Next is to use the right amount of lubricant. Using too much of grease can harm the electric motor or tool too less may not lubricate it at all. The time interval for the application of lubricant is to also to be followed carefully. For instance, the manufacturer may recommend applying the grease after every six to eight hours. You must always remove the old lubricant as it may contain metallic particles or grease that eventually destroys the bearings.

Things to know

While applying the lubricant to the bearings, make sure it spreads evenly to every part. Do not forget to check whether the lubricant is resistant to oxidation. If not recommended by the manufacturer, lubricants containing pressure and ED additives must be avoided. Finally, the softening of the lubricant is another factor you have to consider as it prevents the old grease from leaking through the machine.