What are the Reasons That You Should Choose Full-Sized Wheelchair Van?

When you ask any disabled person, you will get one common reply from everyone that size matters. Full sized vans are a good option with a person with a large family, and they travel quite often, or someone who has to carry a lot of accessories and equipment, or tall and big drivers or passengers.

Minivans mostly don’t have the facility for modifications of the roof, and so the interior space becomes too small. In a full-sized van, you can raise the roof and lower the floor. It also can carry more people.

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Here are the reasons that one should get a full-sized van:

  • A minivan doesn’t have as much power as full-sized vans to carry weight. It has the power to hold the power wheelchair and also two individuals can be accommodated in the wheelchairs.
  • The floor at the center of the van is lower for the driver or passenger. The roof can be raised, doors raised, and it has adaptive driving aids as well as lifts.
  • As it has raised the roof, it becomes easy for someone to enter the van when they are on the wheelchair and easy for even the caretaker to enter or exit the vehicle.
  • When the roof is raised, the door also gets raised, and this the person in the wheelchair can enter the vehicle without any need to bend over. The caretaker of the person doesn’t have to tilt the back of the wheelchair while entering the vehicle.
  • When there are larger wheelchair or wheelchairs that operates on motors, need lowering of the floor or raising of the roof modifications, and you can get those advantages in a full-sized van.

So, if you are planning for a wheelchair van, plan to get a full-sized van for a better life.