What You Need To Know About Collision Repair Process

It is very unfortunate that accidents happen at times that we least expect. However, it is essential to equip yourself with some basic knowledge about car collisions and what you need to do if faced with the same. Any car that has been involved in an accident most often requires some collision repairs. Arizona Collision Centre is one of the best companies that will work on your car and make it look as good as new.

Below are some of the repair stages undertaken in the process of repairing your damaged car;

  1. Preliminary Stage

When involved in an accident, it is important to take pictures of the vehicle before it is towed. This is so because it will make it easier for the insurance company to understand precisely what happened and possibly what caused the accident.

  1. Estimates

Here, the professional collision team conducts a thorough and comprehensive car inspection of the damaged car. Thereafter, they document the damage alongside the estimated costs the repair is bound to total to then hand it over to the insurance company. The insurance company analyses the report and gives a go ahead of the restoration. In cases where the repairs are bound to cost more than the value of the car, then the insurance company calls off the process.

  1. Disassembly

After the insurance company gives a go ahead, then the technicians commence dismantling the damaged parts of the vehicle. Sometimes, more damage could be found during the process consequently increasing the overall prices of the repair. In such circumstances, the repair company has to get back to the insurance company with a revised budget and wait for their approval.

  1. Structural Repairs

After approval from the insurance company, the repair experts now get to the real work. Where there is a need to purchase new body parts, they do their due diligence and replace the damaged body parts. Before installing the new parts, the technicians paint the inner body panels to ensure that there is complete color coverage in all internal areas.

  1. Body and Frame Repair

If need be, the metal finishing and the exterior panels (bumpers, doors, hood, fender, etc.) are well replaced, and it is at this point that the vehicle starts coming back to life. The panels need to be well aligned before commencing the next process- painting.

  1. Painting

Firstly, the experts sand your vehicle and wiper down any dust or particles in the process. After that, a primer is applied to the car followed by the paint then a layer of clear coat that will give your car a brilliant shine.  For the car to have a perfect finish, all the painted surfaces are buffed until they are smooth.

  1. Reassembly

After all the parts are well painted, the removed panels are now well fit into the car. Also, the wires that were disconnected are at this point put together to ensure the overall functionality of the car.

  1. Final Inspection And Car Pick Up

Here, the vehicle is thoroughly inspected to ensure that everything is back in its place and is working as expected. If everything is in order, then the car is handed back to the owner as good as new.